Current Portfolio

Will leads and/or works with some amazing companies that do important work that matters.  To partner with these companies, please contact our team and we will respond as soon as possible. 

━━ Active Management ━━

CEO and Chairman - OV Loop, Inc.

Easier, Safer, Everywhere-Commerce

CEO and Chairman - Indigo Technologies, Inc.

Affordable, Desirable, Everywhere-FastCharge EVs for Scalable Urban Mobility

━━ Board Positions ━━

Board of Directors - People Power

People Power designs, delivers and manages beloved consumer experiences to help business customers earn new revenues in senior care, security and energy management services.

Board of Directors - Feelter

The social wisdom meter that boosts conversions based on the truth.

Board of Directors - Movylo

Movylo helps you send personal and engaging messages to your customers,
to drive them back more often to your business. 

━━ Philanthropic Board Positions ━━

Board of Advisors - ROCA

Roba’s mission is to be a relentless force in disrupting incarceration and poverty by engaging the young adults, policy, and systems at the center of urban violence, in relationships to address trauma, find hope and drive change. 

Board of Directors - Global Unites

To inspire, connect and equip youth to transform global societies through movements that promote hope, non-violence, and reconciliation.

━━ Key Investments ━━

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